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Tenet is due to be one of the most sought-after films of the year. With a release date now cemented for next month in the UK, and a number of other countries, fans are beginning to get exceedingly excited for Christopher Nolan’s latest film.

Unfortunately, there is still just over a month to wait until the film hits cinema screens.

This week the Imax poster for the film was released, showing off John David Washington and Robert Pattinson in a huge cinematic display.

Now, it has been revealed a number of Imax employees have had the privilege of stepping into the world of Tenet for just a second.

The Imax employees were given a sneak preview of the film by Nolan himself, and their reactions were quite jarring.

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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Tenet was delayed by months earlier this year.

Thankfully, it has now been confirmed to be arriving August 26 in 70 countries, including the UK.

Unfortunately, the USA will have to wait a little longer.

Tenet is due out the following month, September 2, in the USA.

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