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Tony Miklinski,Conservative Councillor for Cupar Ward in North East Fife, told that Scotland’s First Minister has no plan B to Scottish independence. Mr Miklinski stated that signs of strain are beginning to show in the SNP and that hardline supporters will splinter away from the party if Ms Sturgeon cannot deliver on her pledge. 

The Scottish Conservative said: “I don’t think she has a plan B.

“Nicola Sturgeon is backed into a corner of her own making, her sole existence, and the sole reason she manages to keep her supporters, hardline and softerline together is her continued demand for independence.

“The penny is dropping inside the SNP and you can see the division opening, it was unrealistic before COVID and it is certainly unrealistic after tens of millions of pounds of support from the UK Government to keep 80 percent of Scottish jobs alive.

“That is only possible on that scale because the UK Government can borrow money from the markets at a favourable rate.

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“Without that support from the UK I hate to think of the state we would be in.

“So, she does not have a plan B and I think the SNP will start to splitter, I think hardliners and the rest will start to argue.”

He continued: “They have managed to keep it together for 14 years, but strain is showing.

“So, we just need to keep our nerve and do what is right for Scotland.

“So while without doubt she is the most able politician in the SNP ranks, I don’t think her power base is secure because people are getting impatient.

“They have been promised so many times that they would get independence and it was just around the corner and they have been disappointed so many times.

“They have been promised the impossible, they said once in a generation, we are six years on, that is not a generation.

“Nicola has got nothing left to offer.”    

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