New car scrappage scheme: Motorists can save up to £5,000 when buying brand new vehicles

Car scrappage scheme proposals vary by car brands but could see some owners handed up to £5,000 to trade in their car for a cleaner model. A scrappage scheme worth up to £6,000 for electric cars was considered by the government as a way to boost sales in a fledgling car market but this has since been abandoned. Consumer watchdog Which? Looks at how motorosts can make massive savings from a simple trade and which firms are offering the best discounts. 


Hyundai is offering drivers up to £5,000 in savings across 12 model ranges in a major scrappage scheme deal.

The £5,000 saving will only be available on the Santa Fe models while £4,000 will be offered to those looking to buy the Tucson. 

The current offer is in place until the end of September meaning prospective buyers do not have long left to cash in on the savings. 

Only cars which were registered before 21 July 2012 are eligible under the scheme and drivers must have owned their car for at least 90 days. 

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Hyundai’s online valuation tool is available to check whether a vehicle is eligible but most polluting cars with Euro 1-3 emmission standards will be included. 

Some of the firms most popular new road vehicles will be included under the scheme such as the Hyundai i 20 Ioniq Hybrid and Kona Hybrid models,

Hyundai says drivers can trade in their old petrol and diesel models and cars can also be purchased under finance offers. 


The new Citroen Swanage offer will give customers a £3,000 savings in addition to the add-on value of a vehicle in a massive offer. 

Cars must be registered in the UK before 1 January 2014 with owners needing to have had a car for at least 90 days.  

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The scheme also runs until the end of September so those looking to take advantage must swoop in quickly. 

Savings of up to £3,000 can be made on some of the firm’s most popular models such as the C3 Hatch, C4 Cactus and the C5 Aircross SUV model. 


The iconic brand is offering road users up to £4,000 off certain models when a car is traded in. 

Savings can be made on top vehicles such as the Lexus CT family hatch and the Lexus RX using cash payments or fiance deals. 

Vehicles which are being scrapped must be registered before 31 October 2012 and owners must have had their car for six months at least. 


If supercars are more your thing, Toyota is offering a saving of £4,000 on their stunning GR Supra model ine change from an older vehicle. 

The iconic brand is offering extra offers with prospective buyers able to save £1,500 on a small Yaris or £2,000 on a Corolla Hybrid. 

They say the scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other savings but finance offers are available. 

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