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Matt Hancock appeared before the Commons Science and Technology Committee today where he disputed the exact date of the lockdown and in fact called it “wrong”. In response to Mr Hancock’s claim, Piers tweeted: “I genuinely think Matt Hancock is losing his marbles. “This is ridiculous.”

During questioning, Mr Hancock said: “The idea that lockdown as a date is wrong because what matters epidemiologically is the behaviour of people.

“You saw that people were going about their business less and less.”

Mr Hancock had previously come under scrutiny for claiming the UK had entered into lockdown on March 16.

Last week in the Commons, he said: “Of course, the 16th of March is the day that I came to this house and said that all unnecessary social contact should cease.

“That is precisely when the lockdown was started.”

Despite Mr Hancock’s claim, the Prime Minister announced a nationwide lockdown on March 23 in his address to the nation. 

The measures were then reviewed on a three-week basis before many of the final restrictions were soon eased earlier this month.

Piers and the Health Secretary have often clashed during the pandemic.

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In terms of all tests processed, there were 101,741.

However, these figures do not illustrate the actual number of people outside of NHS staff who have been tested and then processed on a day to day basis.

Speaking on his show, Piers said: “What could be a more important bit of data than how many people are being tested?

“What could possibly be more important?

“And then you pretend it’s meaningless.

“It’s utterly shocking.

“Get back on this programme and face some proper questions.”

This came from Mr Hancock claiming to the BBC: “It just doesn’t add anything to the battle against coronavirus.

“It doesn’t help people to know what to do at a local level because we are several months into this fight.

“The meaningful figure is how many tests are being conducted, where they’re being conducted and where the positive test results are.”

Mr Hancock’s office has been contacted for comment. 

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