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Housing Benefit can help claimant’s pay their rent if they’re unemployed, on a low income or claiming other benefits. It will eventually be completely replaced by Universal Credit but there are some people who still receive it and it’s also possible to claim it under certain conditions.

“Every tenant’s circumstance is different and so they should be treated on a case by case basis based on their ability to sustain a tenancy.

“More broadly, the Government can also support this work by ensuring benefits cover rents entirely.

“It should also convert the loans to cover the five week wait for the first payment of Universal Credit into grants.”

Those who need state support will most likely be directed to Universal Credit but there are some instances where a person could receive Housing Benefit.

There is no set amount of Housing Benefit for those who receive it but the payments may help with part or all of the claimant’s rent.

What is awarded will largely be dependent on whether the claimant rent’s privately or from a council.

To apply for Housing Benefit, the claimant will need to go through their local council if it’s the only benefit they’re making a claim for.

If the claimant is making a claim for other benefits, they can include Housing Benefit as part of the application.

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