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Did you know that the easiest and quickest way to create an automated online business that produces consistent and reliable recurring income is to start your own paid membership site?

You charge your customer a monthly fee to access your site, and then you automatically drip-feed content to them on a weekly or monthly basis. So without having to sell anything else to your customer, you can generate monthly payments again and again and again… like clockwork.


FACT: Membership Sites Are Multiple Times More Profitable Than Single Payment Offers

Let me give you an example…

Would you rather get paid $97 per sale or $17 a month from a customer who may stay for the next 6-12 months?

With membership sites, your customer gets well acquainted with who you are and the quality of the information and content you put out. So, as long as you provide great content, then guess who becomes your loyal fan that you can sell more products to?

Think about it. You buy a product from Vendor A who charged you $97 for a single purchase about a year ago and then Vendor A tries to contact you about an upcoming sale. Most likely you’ve already forgotten about Vendor A and why you bought their product in the first place.

But take this situation – you are part of an ongoing membership site and you hear from Vendor B every week or every month. Your relationship with them is most likely much stronger and you’ve stayed with them all these weeks, months, or even years.

Now imagine yourself as the membership owner.

See how powerful this is, compared the being the vendor whose customers buy one product from you, and that’s it?

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