is one of the largest websites for the sale of digital products. In fact, virtually no other source offers the same benefits as this company does. Those who produce digital products then place those products on and use its enormous bank of affiliate marketers to promote the product.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CLICKBANK.COM has more than 12,000 digital products on its website for sale. There are 100,000 active affiliate marketers who help to promote those digital products. Another important number to know about the company is how often a consumer purchases a product through a link.

According to the company, every three seconds someone in the world makes a sale. Each day, the company processes some 26,000 digital transactions!

These numbers may seem worrisome to the new producer of such digital content, but they should be inspiring. By using these resources, your digital product can sell faster and to a larger range of consumers. Your product will produce better for you if you place it on rather than putting it on your own site.
However, learning what offers and how it works is the first step in the process.

Here is a fast rundown of how you can sell your digital products on for a profit.
1. Invest in creating a highly sellable product.
2. Open an account on
3. Properly set up your account and product so that affiliate marketers are interested in it.
4. Manage your account by making key decisions throughout the digital product’s lifespan on the site.
5. Reap the rewards in the way of profits from’s sales
That is all you need to do to find profit from your digital products. What makes so different is the large number of affiliates associated with it. No other website has this many people who will work for you to help promote your product.

Further, the site is well respected by affiliate marketers and gurus alike. In other words, you have the right kind of people on the site to help you to accomplish your goals.


Before you can invest the time into, you do need to know if it will work for what you have to offer. Later in this book, we will provide more specifics about what types of products work on the best.

However, what you should know right now is that many types of products will perform well. The company does limit some products, especially those that are of a lower ethical level.

Keep in mind that in order for your product do to well on, it needs to be in a digital form, which means that consumers need to be able to download the product to their computer right from the site. You will not find success using products that you plan to ship to customers. For that, turn to an auction site instead.


The model works. In short, if you put your best foot forward, your product will sell. If it does not, then it might be the product that is where the problem lies. is a site for many types of informational products, tutorials and other products in the digital format. Many tools provided by can help you to determine which products are the best performing. You should take this into consideration before you create a product to sell and market on

These are some of the best topics/niches that do well on Keep in mind that these change all of the time.
 Computer and electronics buying guides and resources
 Video game manuals
 Real estate guides
 Pregnancy topical books
 Forex guides, expertly written
 Profit based products that help people to sell products
 Credit report aid and financial tools
 Dog training, pet aids
 Auto guides and resources
 Making money from home, specific guides, not just general topics
 Sports improvement books and guides, such as golf
As you can see, there is a unique range of areas that you can focus on in your own guide. However, before you invest the time in writing just anything, it is important to look at your guide through the eyes of an affiliate.


An affiliate, or affiliate marketer, makes it his or her job to help sell another product or service, not one created by himself. He takes on the job of promoting the product in approved methods and in turn gets a cut of the commission for doing so. You will use affiliates to sell the products you place on

The key is to know how to attract affiliates to your products. has thousands of affiliate marketers who actively promote products through the website. However, these professionals choose the actual digital products they want to promote. does not hire them to do so, nor does the company encourage one product over another.

What does this mean for you, the creator and seller of the digital product? In short, it means that you need to create a product that affiliate marketers are interested in promoting. In order to do this, you need to be in the mind frame of the affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketers spend a good deal of time focusing on which products are going to convert for them. To convert simply means to sell. They do focus on the amount of the commission they can earn, but they also want to know if a product is going to get results. A lot of this comes in to play after your digital product is on the site and begins to be sold. Some of it you can control.

Affiliates look at a product’s details to learn if they should sell it. This includes:
 High commissions: if they can earn a larger amount of the purchase price, this will attract them.
 Uniqueness of the product: If the digital product is nothing more than another version of a product already on the site, or it provides nothing unique, then the digital product won’t sell well and that means that the product is a waste of investment for the professionals.
 Refund rate: the rate at which the consumer requests a refund is a very important part of the process of choosing a product. In other words, as the creator of the digital product, ensure it offers something valuable to the reader so that they do not turn around and request a refund for it.
 The competition: If a product has too much competition on the web from the number of sources selling the digital product, this could detract from some new affiliates picking it up. However, this is generally not a problem since at this point; your product is already selling well.

Affiliate marketers are an important part of the process of creating a digital product simply because you need to first attract them to your product.