Detox, or to give it its full name ‘detoxification’ has been around since humans first became civilised and is a very natural way of getting rid of harmful pollutants that may have built up in our bodies.
Sometimes people are scared of ‘detoxing’ because they think that it will mean going without food for the entire process and existing only on water with the occasional shot of lemon juice.

But this is not the case. Detox is simply a way of cleaning out your body, helping to give the internal organs a little breathing space, so that they can recharge and continue to operate as they should.
In this book you will learn just how to detox safely, with minimum discomfort, so that your body becomes clean, pure and is returned as near as possible, to its optimum state of well being.


Unless you live on a very remote island, where there is no traffic, no processed food and you grow all your own fruit and vegetables (organically of course) and you rear all your own cattle, animals for meat and milk them yourself, then you need to detox.
Every day people are subjected to toxins. These build up in the body and mean that instead of dealing with natural substances only our poor old kidneys and livers have to handle lots of ‘foreign’ matter, in other words : the ‘terrible toxins’.
This can make people more susceptible to stress, so if you are constantly feeling as if you are stressed out and tired, then a detox program could certainly help you to regain some balance.
But there are other symptoms of too many toxins being present in the body and these include:
 Tiredness,
 Overly rapid pulse rate
 Swollen ankles
 Craving sweet or salty/fatty foods
 Poor digestion
 Insomnia
 Cellulite
 Decreased sex drive
 Problems in concentrating
 Dry mouth
 Bladder problems
There are many more symptoms, but these are often the most common and the ones that can be most easily remedied, by a simple detox program that will help flush out all those toxins, leaving you fresh and bright, with a renewed vigour and zest for life.


So what are these toxins? Well basically toxins can be grouped into three different sections. There are exogenous toxins, endogenous toxins and finally autogenous toxins.
Exogenous toxins are ones that are created from outside, or things that we eat. They can be residue from herbicides that are sprayed onto vegetables or fruit, but they can also be stimulants, alcohol, caffeine, too much sugar or fat in the body, the build up that has been caused by breathing in fumes that are in the air if you live in a city or big town.
Endogenous toxins are more complex. These often are formed in the bowel and they are the residual waste that have been created after you have a virus or some kind of bacterial infection.

So, you get an infection, you get ‘better’ and you think that life carries on as normal. Well deep in the heart of your bowel, lots of little toxins are left over from the infection and they just clog up the work that your bowel is trying to do! The only thing you can do to help your bowel is to get rid of ‘em.
Finally, the last group of toxins are the autogenous toxins. These are all made by you yourself. Everyone has these. They are simply a way of the body dumping out some refuse, as a result of the natural metabolic process. So they are completely natural, but they can still act as a barrier to your body working as well as it could.


You may read different things about the best time to detox, but in reality there is only one best time to go through a detox program and that is NOW! Some people like to detox in spring, because they think that it is a time for new beginnings, time to clean the home, yard and basically get fit for the summer. But it is really ok to detox any time.

After all if you are thinking about detoxing in the fall and then you leave it till spring time, then you may
well forget about it, so try to plan your detox for as soon as possible, to make sure that it actually happens.
There is only one time when detox may not be a good thing and that is if you are facing a really difficult time in your life, in terms of your health, or the health of a loved one, or if work is particularly stressful etc.

There is no point setting yourself up to fail, so try to build in a few days where you can just unwind, relax and have a nice easy time of it at the start of your detox.

That way you are more likely to succeed and this makes the whole process just that bit more enjoyable and fun!
You also need to be aware that if you are living a toxic lifestyle at the moment, whereby you are eating lots of processed food, or sweet, fatty foods, drinking lots of alcohol or coffee or even just caffeine based drinks such as cola, then you will have to prepare your body for detox.

That means you will have to cut down on caffeine, alcohol and other toxic foods, so that you do not feel withdrawal symptoms after you start your program. So if you are very toxic, start cutting down for a week before you actually initiate the program.


Our detox plan is a 10-day one, which will help give you enough time to really cleanse your body, without being too rigorous. You will be living on more than water and a squeeze of lemon juice, so don’t worry you will do just great!
Some detox plans are shorter than 10 days, but they can often be very difficult to follow and so you start off with the best of intentions, but the process is simply too arduous, so what happens?

Well you start off day one just great, day two is a bit of a struggle, but on day three, well boy, you
have just had enough, so you quit and head down to the nearest burger bar or pizzeria and you are suddenly blitzing your body with toxins that you had actually been trying to get rid of!
That’s isn’t any use, so we are going to take you through a nice, easy detox plan. You will have the chance to pamper yourself, get a little quality time for yourself and just look after yourself for a little bit.
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