When I first launched my product after spending countless amounts of money on bright, shiny objects. As my launch got closer, one word described me…


What of? I was terrified of failing. It’s only recently that I’ve realized this.

When I was creating my first product, I would constantly put off tasks that needed doing and push them back. It wasn’t because I was lazy, or because I didn’t want to do them, although that’s what I put it down to. It was down to me being scared of failing. Launching my product, no one buying it and it being a total flop!

However, I went ahead with the launch following the exact steps outlined in this eBook and you know what?

It was the best 7 days ever!

There’s no better feeling than the one you get when you finally realize you have cracked the I.M. code!

The funny thing is anyone can do this. You can see from the screenshot above that a full time income is more than viable with this business model and method.

If you can follow the steps outlined in this course then you can do the exact same results!

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