Creating a pH Friendly Lifestyle

Creating a pH Friendly Lifestyle


The biggest challenge of any diet you might start is whether you can maintain the results after the diet is ‘over.’  After all, Creating a pH Friendly Lifestyle to many of us have come to think, as temporary fixes for temporary problems.


But in truth, our health is not a temporary issue – it’s something we either maintain now or struggle to correct in the future.


By taking just a few steps toward creating a pH friendly lifestyle, you can begin to create a new life which doesn’t require much thought or preparation.



Know the Foods You Love


One of the easiest ways to make sure the pH Diet continues to be a part of your life is to have a few recipes on hand which you know you like.  This way, they can be in the ‘rotation’ of recipes you eat every single week, helping to make shopping and food preparation all the easier for you.


You might also want to make these foods ahead of time, if possible, to help keep your busy schedule from interrupting all of your good diet intentions.


Have pH Friendly Ingredients


Ideally, you should always have pH friendly ingredients in your kitchen.  This way, no matter what you might make or eat, you know you are getting a balanced meal.


Have a list of the pH friendly foods you love readily available so you can take it with you whenever you shop for groceries.  Or you might just want to keep this list in your wallet to ensure you never run out of the foods you need.


Try New Recipes


Of course the real key to sticking with the pH Diet is to make sure it doesn’t get boring.  To ensure you are as happy as you are healthy, make sure to try out new recipes frequently.  This will help your taste buds feel satisfied and it will keep your meal times exciting.


You don’t want to eat the same thing every day, do you?


Invest in pH Diet friendly cookbooks or look online to see what other recipes might be available for you to try.  Go to raw food restaurants to see what they are making up and then see if you can either get the recipe or try to replicate it on your own.


Staying on any diet long term can be a challenging task, but when you are completely changing your diet from the modern Western diet to a cleaner and healthier plan, it can be even more difficult.


When you’re surrounded by the exact opposite of healthy diet choices, you have to be strong and committed to your pH Diet plan.  Here are a few ways to maintain your commitment:


  • Note the changes to your health – It will help for you to begin to keep a journal of the changes you are seeing in your health since implementing the pH Diet.  This way, when you feel tempted to go back to the ‘old ways,’ you have a series of reminders as to how much progress you’ve made.


  • Check in with your doctor – Your doctor will be able to see the physical changes your body has undergone since being on the pH Diet.  As a result, you will be able to have a baseline from which you can measure just how much healthier you are becoming each day.


  • Share your experience with others – Talking about your new diet with others will help you remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.  This will allow you to continuously purport the positive features of the diet, while also perhaps changing some minds in the process.


  • Keep pictures up of the ‘old’ you – If you have pictures of yourself before you started the pH Diet, have them on hand to look at.  You will find you probably look more tired and perhaps heavier in these pictures than you do now.  Reminding yourself of what you look like now in comparison to how you looked then will reinforce your good habits.


  • Try a ‘bad’ food – When you’re still itching to go back to the diet dark side, try eating a food that isn’t pH friendly.  Then note how you feel and how the food tastes.  Chances are likely the food tastes horrible and that you feel just as bad afterward.


No matter why you started the pH Diet, you’ve probably seen fantastic changes in your life since you began.  Why not keep up the good work?




With all of the possible diet plans available to you, it seems that the pH Diet has a lot to offer in terms of health and well-being.  While so many other diets try to focus on weight loss, this is a diet which supports good health and a balanced lifestyle.


Even if you were to incorporate only a few of the ideas from this book into your life, you would probably feel better and look better than you did before you started balancing your body’s pH.


With a strong scientific background and good wholesome foods, why not see if the pH Diet works for you?  It seems you have nothing to lose.