detoxComplete 10 Day Detox Diet


When you get up today, congratulate yourself for doing something really good: for you! Think positively. This is going to be a really exciting 10 days. You are going to have a really good time, You are going to cherish your body. Wow, this is just going to be so good for you, so let’s get started on the Complete10 Day Detox Diet
If you want to then you can fast today and drink only water, herbal teas and some fruit juice. However, this is a matter of your personal choice. Many people love this because it immerses them in the detox process immediately and has some kind of symbolism associated with it, so that people can feel cleansed at a very deep, almost spiritual level.
But for others, particularly if you have not been eating very healthily for some time, this really is a step too far.


One cup of boiled water (allowed to cool slightly) with a dash of lemon or lime juice in it.


Fruit juice, preferably freshly squeezed with some fruit. Figs or bananas are a good choice. No melon (they can be difficult to digest unless eaten on their own).


Fruit: Anything apart from


Cooked wholemeal rice and salad washed down with apple or carrot juice.


Chopped or grated carrots, tomatoes, watercress.


Salad made from lettuce, celery, watercress, raw broccoli and tomatoes.


Fruit (again, no melons). Bananas can help you to feel full and sleep easier.


Plenty of herbal teas and fruit juice, along with water. Aim to drink at least 4 pints of fluid a day, rising to 5 pints if you can manage it: but don’t overdo fluid intake.
Take things easy today, don’t overdo exercise or go for a sauna, just relax, read a little, try to have a nice relaxing bath or shower and pamper yourself a little.

It can be helpful to keep a journal of how you feel and the ways in which your body seems to be reacting. This can be helpful to learn lessons from your detox, so that you can adapt a generally healthier lifestyle, after your program has ended.

DAY 2  Complete 10 Day Detox Diet

Follow day 1 instructions for pre breakfast, breakfast and morning snack.


Home made soup. Boil some vegetables in water only (use no oil) along with some garlic (about 3 cloves) and use no salt. Boil until the vegetables are tender, then add a dash of lemon juice and some pepper to taste. Since you may find that this is not terribly filling, put in plenty of vegetables. If you are working, then take the soup in with you, either in a thermos flask or pre-cook it and then heat it up at work.


As much fruit as you can eat. If fruit is starting to feel a little boring, have some vegetables instead, raw if possible.


A bowl of wholemeal rice, along with some lightly cooked vegetables. Do not add salt to the rice or the vegetables.


Banana and some raw sunflower seeds.


Go out for a walk, breathe in some good fresh air, or if the weather is bad, do some stretches at home. If you are working, try to get out of the work environment at lunchtime, just to try and promote maximum concentration for the afternoon.
Remember to keep your fluid uptake high and keep drinking lots of water, herbal teas and fruit juice. Note however, that fruit juice can be a little acidic on the stomach, so water and herbal teas are best.


Follow instructions for Day 1 pre-breakfast, breakfast and mid-morning snack.


Lentil soup. Take 3 ounces of lentils, wash them and boil them until just tender. Then add in some more water and some finely chopped vegetables. Bring to the boil again and cook until the vegetables are tender. Add in a squirt of lemon juice and some pepper and enjoy! Again, if you are at work, then take it in and re-heat or in a thermos flask.


Sunflower seeds and fruit or vegetables.


Roasted Sweet Peppers
Take 2 sweet peppers, per person, cut them in half, lengthways. Then fill each half with some tomatoes (finely chopped) a sprinkling of basil, and
coriander (again finely chopped) and roast them in a low oven (about 350º C for about 50 minutes. If you want to then you can very lightly brush each side of the peppers with some extra virgin olive oil, but if you can possibly eat them without this, then remember it is much better for you to leave this out. Before you eat the peppers add a dash of lemon juice and some pepper. Serve with a little wholemeal rice.


Sunflower seeds and some nuts.


Try to do something that will bring up a sweat, so that you can eliminate even more of those nasty little toxins. If you are in good shape, go for a run, or take a long cycle ride. If you aren’t in such good shape, then try to run on the spot, or skip until you build up a sweat. If you have any kind of fitness dvd, then put this on and simply get active. Any kind of workout is better than none at all, so even some energetic work at home is better than simply sitting around.
By now, your body may feel a little ‘strange’ you may even find that you are thinking a lot about food, or cakes, bread or just a cool glass of wine etc. That is perfectly normal, but it can also be helpful to take some of the supplements listed in the next chapter, just to help your body to heal itself and get through the process without getting too down about it all.


Ok, by now most of the intense cleansing process has been done, things now get a whole lot easier. Your diet suddenly becomes much more varied and when you get up today, then try to give yourself a positive affirmation, just to tell yourself how well you have done and how you are now over the most difficult part. Things are just gonna get better and better from now on!
Pre-breakfast and breakfast are the same as for other days, but try to vary the fruit that you are having for your breakfast, just to ensure that boredom doesn’t set in.


For your mid-morning snack have some kind of pro-biotic yogurt, since this will not only ring the changes, but also hep your stomach to adjust the levels of good bacteria that it needs to get rid of even more bad bacteria.


Take some green beans and new or salad potatoes, (just two or three potatoes per person) cook until just tender and then mix with some salad leaves, dress with a splash of balsamic vinegar and a tiny splash of lemon
juice. Sprinkle lightly with some sunflower seeds and enjoy the taste of those lovely carbohydrates that the potatoes will bring you!
If you have to go to work today, then make up the salad and eat it cold, although if you are at home, then it is nice to have the beans and potatoes warm, which contrast well against the coolness of the salad leaves.


Some salad of your choice.


Don’t worry; dinner now gets slightly more exciting! Tonight you can have a steamed salmon fillet, with a really generous helping of vegetables. But yes, you need a sauce to go with it, so cook some chopped tomatoes in a little water, until they are of sauce like consistency (about 10 minutes), add in a little chilli powder, just the slightest drop and use this as a sauce for your salmon.
For desert, you can have a pro-biotic yogurt and if you need to, sweeten it with a little honey or fruit (or if you have a very sweet tooth, then with both).


By now you will find that you are probably starting to feel a little more refreshed. But it is important to ensure that you keep drinking plenty of fluids. Remember that you have been taking in a lot of dietary fiber with all those vegetables and fruit, so you need fluids to bulk out the fiber and to help you feel full. Otherwise you will simply feel uncomfortable.


You also need to undertake some pretty rigorous exercise today! This will help your skin to eliminate toxins, so the more energetic you can be, the better. It will also help you to sleep a little better. Don’t worry if your skin is looking a little peaky and not very bright at this stage; that is only because the toxins are coming up towards the surface of your skin and another couple of days will start to see it looking much more alive and refreshed.


You may also want to consider having some kind of skin cleansing routine today, just to speed up the process. This could be either covering yourself in a mud cleansing product, which helps to literally ‘draw out’ the toxins, or you can simply brush your skin in the bath or in the shower. This will also help your circulation.
However, leave the skin cleansing routine until after you have exercised, for maximum effect.


Finally, for supper, have some nuts, along with sunflower seeds and a few pumpkin seeds.
So that is the end of Day 4 and you have done brilliantly to get this far. Treat yourself by having some kind of indulgence. This may just be a long bath or shower, a facial, a massage from your loved one, or reading a good book. But you need something as a treat and reward for having come so far and today has probably been much easier than the first three and you are now on the home straits!


Pre-breakfast is as always.


Fruit and the usual herbal teas or fruit juice, but this time have a pro-biotic yogurt.


A banana and some seeds or nuts.


Lunch today is salad, with some warm, cooked lentils thrown in just to give you some carbohydrates and protein. If you find that you are growing a little tired of salad and are craving your ‘normal foods’ again, then add in a hard boiled egg, just to help introduce different tastes into your diet again.


Some nuts along with fruit.


Today you need to do some exercise, preferably before dinner, just so that you can work up an appetite for food. Try to do something that will really work your body. If you can, try weightlifting, a fitness DVD or a long run. No matter what your fitness level try to push yourself into another level, through real hard, strenuous exercise.
This will not only make you more hungry and therefore you will enjoy your food more, but it will also help your body to shed some more of its toxins through the sweat that you will be producing. And, if that wasn’t motivation enough, it will also help keep your weight down, since you will be burning lots of calories, yet you won’t be taking in a huge amount of calories during your detox.


You need to remember to keep your fluid intake up, particularly now that you are exercising. Herbal teas, fruit juice and water are the best way of keeping your fluids up. Try not to take too much fluids at once, but rather keep sipping fluids, throughout the day, so that your levels are constantly high, not soaring up and then dipping down again.


Zucchini and Eggplant Stew
This recipe will actually make 3 reasonable sized portions, so if you are eating it alone, then freeze two portions, just to eat within the next few days, or even at the end of your detox, as a healthy alternative to a heavy dinner.
For the basic recipe you will need:
 1 onion
 1 zucchini
 1 eggplant
 1 tin tomatoes (no sugar or salt added)
 4 finely chopped tomatoes
 Fresh basil
 Whole-wheat bread to accompany the stew.
Before you start the recipe, soak the sliced eggplant in salt, then before you use it wash it thoroughly to get rid of all the salt.
Lightly stir fry the onion in ½ teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Then add the zucchini and eggplant, both of which have been chopped. After a couple of minutes add the chopped tomatoes and the tin of tomatoes, along with a little fresh basil. Bring to the boil, then let it simmer for about 20 minutes or so. Before serving add in the rest of the fresh basil and enjoy with some whole-wheat bread (no butter).
For dessert you can have some fruit, preferably berries.


Try just having a herbal tea for supper, or if you are really hungry (particularly after all that exercise) then you can have a small slice of whole-wheat bread with a banana.
Remind yourself that you are now half way through your detox and that it is going well. Don’t be afraid of the next few days, since you are well over the most difficult time.


Pre-breakfast is as always.


Breakfast is fruit and herbal teas or fruit juice, but also a pro-biotic yogurt.


Fruit and/or a handful of nuts.


Lunch today is a vegetable soup of your choice. Just take a number of vegetables and fresh herbs, add in some water, cook until they are tender and then blitz in a food processor. Serve with a slice of whole-wheat bread and enjoy with herbal tea.
Since you are getting carbohydrates from the bread, try not to have a dessert with this meal.


For your mid-afternoon snack, have a banana (and if you are still feeling peckish, have some nuts to try and stabilise your blood sugar).


Today you need to exercise again. If you aren’t very fit, then try to do as much as you can within your comfort zone, but don’t push yourself too hard. This will give your muscles a chance to recuperate and grow stronger. Over exercising if you are a bit unfit, can simply be counter productive. So, instead of going for a run, have a long walk or just something that is gentle. But if you have a reasonable level of fitness and you work out at least two or three times a week normally, then you should be ok to do something that is fairly strenuous.


Dinner tonight is a fillet of chicken that has been cooked in the oven, having been very lightly brushed with a very small helping of extra virgin olive oil. The chicken should be cooked for at least 30 minutes and covered for the first 15.

Steam some vegetables to accompany the chicken and then take two tablespoons of yogurt, ½ a teaspoon of very mild mustard and ½ a teaspoon of organic honey and mix together to form a sauce that can be used to perk up the chicken. Add in any fresh herbs that you like (parsley works particularly well in this recipe) and enjoy.

If you can bear to part with any of the chicken, then cut a piece off, to enjoy with your lunch tomorrow.
If you do not eat meat, then it will be acceptable to roast some vegetables in extra virgin olive oil (but a tiny amount) and then eat with the sauce as well as a slice of whole-wheat bread instead of the steamed vegetables.
For dessert you can have either apricots that have had a tiny drop of honey drizzled over them or some bananas (two) that have been baked in the oven, having been drizzled with a tiny bit of honey.


Supper tonight is fruit and herbal tea of your choice. Alternatively, if you are feeling a bit tired of fruit, then have some seeds or nuts.
Note that tomorrow’s dinner recipe suggests beans, so if you are using beans, then you need to soak them overnight, so that they can be cooked tomorrow.


Wow, we are almost there now. It has been a week since you started this process. Be honest now, it was a whole lot easier than you thought and in fact you probably cannot believe just how pain free it has been.
By now the physical effects should be starting to be seen.

Your eyes should be that little bit clearer and brighter, your skin should have a softness and a clearness to it that you probably have not seen in years! In addition, you should feel like you have more energy, vitality and a renewed vigour for life.

All that tiredness and weariness that you felt has gone and life is looking a whole lot more interesting now! So keep on going and maximise the effects, through having the last few days of detox!
People may notice that you seem just that little bit more alive and that you are more alert. But one thing you may find is that some people will say to you that they notice that you are looking really well. Others may not.

So don’t panic if people are not saying that you look really good or that you seem to be much healthier than you were.
Some people don’t like to see people looking really well and in control of their lives. They are just envious of the fact that you have taken control and you have treated yourself to a fantastic treat, carefully getting rid of all the poisons in your body. So, they exercise their control by not giving you any positive reinforcements. And what do you do if this happens?

Well, you shrug your shoulders and pity them for their lack of generosity and spirit. In a later chapter you will see that this process also involves detoxing your mind as well as your body, so you will be equipped with enough natural sweetness in your soul, to ensure that you really are not bothered by their envy!
Pre-breakfast and breakfast are the same as usual, but again, the pro-biotic yogurt is also on the menu!


OK, by now it is a little difficult to stick rigidly to your detox program, unless you have a will of iron, so today you will have a yogurt drink, which consists of yogurt, some ice cubes, fruit and a tiny drop of honey. Blitz them all together in a blender or smoothie maker and simply enjoy the taste of the natural sweetness. If you are at work today then make it up in the morning and put it in a thermos so that when you have it at work, it will be nice and cool.


Lunch today is a potato that has been baked in the oven according to your taste and then for a filling you can have some tomatoes mixed with some chopped meat or fish of your choice (if you have saved some of the chicken from dinner yesterday evening, then use this). Add a little yogurt in to give a little moisture and serve with as much salad as you wish.


For a mid-afternoon snack have some nuts and seeds.


Today you can have a really good workout again, to get rid of the toxins that are the most reluctant to leave! You need to kick those guys out, so workout as best you can and try to push yourself just that little bit harder. Remember that this is towards the end of your program, so you are gonna have to maximise its effectiveness and get active!


For dinner have a lentil or bean stew. If you are using beans, then make sure that you use dried beans that have been soaked overnight. Simply stir fry an onion and some garlic in a tiny drop of extra virgin olive oil, then add in some chopped tomatoes and sweet peppers. Finally add in a tin of chopped tomatoes with a generous helping of beans or lentils. Add in plenty of water then cook as per the instructions for the beans or lentils and enjoy with some whole-wheat bread or pasta.


Today being day 7 is ‘treat day’ so make sure that you have a really nice thing planned for this evening. It could be going to the theater or taking in a movie, or perhaps just switching off your cell phone and putting some favorite music on and forgetting about the world out there for a while! However it is it needs to be something that you can enjoy and feel as if you are indulging yourself.

Just remember that it is about pure indulgence, so it doesn’t mean a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate or a candy bar! You have come this far, so don’t give up on it now.
Also remember that it is really important to keep taking in lots of fluids, or else you will not feel the full benefits from the detox process. So keep drinking, particularly herbal teas, which can be extremely soothing and cleansing at the same time.


Well by now there is an end in sight, but it will feel different. When you started you probably could not wait for the end to come around, but now that it is almost here, part of you will probably want to keep on eating this way and enjoying the vitality that detox can give you.

Well, after detox has finished, you can then introduce a little more variety into your diet, but that doesn’t mean that you just suddenly go back to eating processed food and junk food: no you can still eat healthily, but make sure that you have a very balanced diet, so that it is the best and most fitting for your body and its all round nutritional needs.


Eat as always until lunchtime.
Lunch is a bowl of vegetable soup with some whole-wheat bread. Cook the soup as you have on other days, but if you feel the need, fry an onion in a few drops of extra virgin olive oil before you put the vegetables in. To add a little variety, sprinkle some seeds or nuts into the soup, so it has a bit of texture ad something to bite into.


Try to have a yogurt drink again today. If you want, you can always swap this round with your mid-morning snack, just whatever is most convenient for you.


Exercise today needs to be as vigorous as you can be. By now you will have built up a little more stamina, so whatever your fitness levels, you will be able to have a really good workout. Again, push yourself just that little bit more. So when you start to feel tired and as if you can’t go on, then make yourself do just that little bit more!


Dinner this evening is some grilled tuna fish, as fresh as you can have it, or if you can’t get it fresh, then try to have one that has been frozen pretty soon after it was caught. Cook the tuna in the oven, just lightly drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil.

Steam some vegetables as an accompaniment and mix together the yogurt, mustard and honey sauce mixture that you made for the salmon. If you find that not having potatoes with a meal like this is difficult, then you can have some small potato boiled or steamed, but try not to overload your system with carbohydrates.


You have already come so far that you really need to indulge yourself this evening. Put some time aside, just to do something that you really enjoy doing. It may be fun, it could be something intellectual, or something real stupid: that doesn’t matter.
What matters is that it is something that you really enjoy doing and something (preferably) that you often find that you often don’t have time for, so it really is a very special little treat.


Try having some nuts or seeds for supper but if you find that you are tired of these, then a slice of whole-wheat bread will give you all the carbohydrates that you need for a good nights sleep.


Wow, it is almost over! That’s right, tomorrow will be your last day. How amazing is that and more to the point: how amazing do you look now? Look at your hair, is it glossy and full of life? Are your eyes positively glowing with good health? Do you find that you have almost 100% more energy than you used to?

Do you sleep well at night and simply find that instead of rolling over in the morning, wishing that the world would just go away, you are bouncing out of bed with a new determination to change the world?

Yeah, well maybe not all of those things apply to you, but many probably will, so take heart in what you have achieved so far and give thanks that you have been able to achieve it.

Eat as always up until lunchtime. Lunch should be a nice big salad, with some lemon juice to taste. If you are again craving carbohydrates, then have a banana as your dessert.


This can be either a yogurt drink, or fruit, or some nuts and seeds. The choice is up to you and what you feel like.


Yep, you guessed it, today is a day where you have to exercise as much as you can. Don’t get too disheartened about it, remember that the whole process of detoxing is to cleanse your body and the skin, as the biggest organ in the body, needs to be fully cleansed and making it sweat will cleanse it!


Choose a recipe that you have particularly enjoyed during this detox process and have it again tonight. Remember that after tomorrow you will be eating more varied and balanced meals, but for tonight, just have one thing that you really enjoyed and savour it.


This can be either fruit, a handful of nuts, or if absolutely necessary a slice of whole-wheat bread.


DAY 10

Ok so this is the last day of detox! How exciting is this? You made it all the way to the end (well almost) and you have not given in to temptation, you haven’t been secretly snacking on candy bars or having a quick beer. No you have actually been really good, you have eaten well, you have exercised well and today will be a celebration of all that you have achieved.

Eat as always until lunchtime. Lunch will consist of a vegetable soup, just to cleanse you again, served with a slice of whole-wheat bread.


A choice from the usual options.
Exercise: Again, some really rigorous exercise is required. You need to really pump those muscles, get them to work and get your heart to have a great work out too, so that you can feel truly that your 10 days have been 10 days that have been really successful. So push yourself just that little bit more than normal: it will be worth it, honestly.


Dinner tonight should either be sweet peppers that you had on day 3, the salmon dish that you had on day 4, or the zucchini and eggplant stew that you cooked on day 5. These dishes are not just low in toxins, they are particularly cleansing and also help restore some balance to your body, so they are excellent from an all round perspective.

After all this is the last meal of your detox program, so it should be nice and cleansing as well as low in toxins!

And that dear friend, is the conclusion of the detox program. It isn’t rocket science, it isn’t about surviving on 2 lettuce leaves and a glass of spinach juice for a week.

In fact, let’s be honest, it wasn’t actually all that painful and it is something that you could actually do once every couple of months, just to keep your body in optimum condition and the more you do it, the easier it becomes, because your body has fewer toxins to get rid of….

But there are things that you can do throughout the detox process, just to make life a little easier for you and to help your body to eliminate as many toxins as possible. So the next 2 chapters will look at supplements followed by things that can help if you are finding it hard to get rid of toxins.


Not everyone who goes on a detox program has to take supplements. But they can help. It is possible to list about 100 different supplements that you could take, but the reality is that you only need one or two and although all the supplements that we suggest are completely natural,
if you overload your system with supplements, then this keeps the kidneys and liver busy processing them. So when it comes to supplements; be very frugal and don’t just take them without thinking about what you are doing.


If you have been living a quite toxic lifestyle and you find that you have been really stressed, perhaps drinking too much, if you smoke or if you are very overweight, then it may be helpful to take some supplements, just to make sure that you give your body every support during the detox process.

However, it is completely up to you: you do not have to take supplements and your detox will work as well without them. But if you are concerned that there are a LOT of toxins in your body, then you can take one or two supplements, just to help things along a bit.

Also if you are very stressed, then a supplement that can help you to relax, may improve your chances of making it through. The program is actually very easy, but if you are pretty ‘toxic’ and you are stressed, fatigued and a little bit on edge, then it is more likely that you will jump off the wagon and end up eating junk food and fizzy drinks before the end of day 3, so again, a supplement can help.

Some supplements that you may be advised to take during a detox program, such as Evening Primrose Oil will only start to take effect after 3 months of continual use, so their actual benefits during your detox will be minimal.


Milk Thistle is a really useful supplement to take, since it can help to support your liver. Remember that your liver is busily dealing with all the toxins that have built up in your body over time. So taking milk thistle is in effect a crutch to help your liver through a busy period! It can be useful to take this for a month or so, then have a break. Most people find that milk thistle will work in about 5 days and it is usually taken for a month at a time.


Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which can help protect the body from the effect of ‘free radicals’, which can be released during an intensive period of detox. Vitamin E could help neutralise them and so you are protecting your body against these free radicals which are pretty nasty, if you have too many of them flying about your body unchecked.


Some people like to take dandelion extract when going through a detox, since this can help the kidneys operate more effectively. It makes you urinate more often and it also has a mild laxative effect on the bowels.
For this reason, and the fact that you are taking in a lot of fruit and vegetables during your detox, it may be best to only take dandelion for a few days at the beginning and if you are not at work, since your frequent trips to the restroom may become a little embarrassing


Yerba Mate is often referred to as the ‘friendship drink’ since it is used extensively in South America, where it is very much associated with relaxing amongst friends. It has a balancing effect on the body, helping it to cope with stresses and strains. It also helps the body to relax and sleep more soundly, but when you wake up, you don’t feel groggy, instead you wake up feeling alive and full of vitality.

It is great if you are experiencing long term stress, since it just seems to help the body to bat the stress away and, when it comes to your detox program, Yerba Mate can help you to simply enjoy the process: no matter how stressed you are.


Supplements such as those listed above, are simply aids to detoxing, because they support the body and the mind when you are going through the process. They are not ‘wonder drugs’ they simply are an aid, to help give you an edge and make sure that people can stick to the program.

Although the detox program outlined here is not that strict and it is actually quite easy to adhere to, some people have got themselves so tired, stressed and fatigued with a toxic lifestyle that they fear they will never last the course.

So these supplements are just a little bit of ammunition, to be pulled out, if you feel that the whole program is simply too much for you!
But only take one or two of those listed: perhaps milk thistle and yerba mate tea are the 2 most important.

All the others can be dispensed with, but these really do pack a punch and can make all the difference to a detox program.
With them, the process seems easy, without them, it can at times be a little bit of a struggle.
Yet we have more ammunition for you. Yes, you are going to go into detox armed with as many weapons as we can give you, just to make sure that you find it a really simple and easy process and not a struggle at all.

This is where our detox is straightforward and easy to achieve, rather than being too abstract and theoretical. Only through going through it can you know that at times it can be hard not to go back to toxic patterns of behaviour and eating, so that is why you are fully equipped with knowledge of how to beat temptation!