Benefits of the pH Diet

Benefits of the pH Diet

Though the first thing you think of when you see ‘diet’ is weight loss, there are many other benefits of  the pH Diet.  Though weight loss can be a benefit (eating all these healthy foods can’t hurt your waistline, after all), there are many other advantages which make the diet something you should strongly consider in your life.


Increased Energy


When your body isn’t working so hard to keep the balance of its acidity, you will have more energy to spare for your life.  Think about it, when you run your car for some time in the idle position, it isn’t going anywhere, but it’s still using gas.  If you were to actually stop idling, you would get more from the gas in the tank.


The same can be said for the introduction of a pH balanced diet.  When the body doesn’t have to spend so much time getting rid of waste and of fungus, then this energy can be used for other tasks – like exercising and enjoying your life.


Many people who have tried the pH Diet have noticed a marked difference in their energy levels due to the fact they can sleep better when they are eating this healthy diet.  Instead of spending your time in bed digesting foods, your body can focus on repairing itself and restoring good health.


Less Mucous


One of the unfortunate buildups in the body is a natural one, but not one you might necessarily desire – mucous.  When you have a lot of mucous in your body, you will not only feel uncomfortable, but this can slow down your digestion as well as your respiratory system


Coughing and excreting the mucous will be the goals of the body, but this too takes up energy from your daily life.  With the pH Diet, the body will not have to buildup these stores of mucous and thus you will not have to expel it.


The mucous helps your body expel wastes and thus restore balance, but when you remove the wastes which need to be expelled, the mucous doesn’t have to be a part of your life.


Dairy products especially have been linked with an excessive buildup of mucous, so removing them, as you would with the pH Diet, will allow you to breathe easier and have healthier digestive patterns.


Enhanced Immune System


It makes sense that when your body is spending all of its time restoring balance, it doesn’t have time to focus on other things – like your immune system strength.  If you want to have a strong immune system and fewer diseases, you need to have a balance of pH in the body.  When the body expends all of its energy and resources just to be ‘normal,’ you may not be able to fight off the latest cold or flu.


With high nutrient foods that nourish the body, as the pH Diet provides, you will have all of the energy available to boost your white blood cell response as well as to help the immune system respond quickly to any viruses or bacteria.


Instead of having a delayed response from your immune system which might not help you fend off a cold, your newly balanced body will be able to stop immune attacks before they even cause a symptom.


Fewer Headaches


Each person responds to imbalance in different ways.  Some people will feel tired, while others will feel headaches.  With the introduction of a balanced pH Diet, many people have reported having fewer headaches.  It seems that with the balance of acids and bases in the body, the body is less likely to have tension in the muscles or dehydration – both prime causes of headaches.


The body is also able to deal with pain in a more responsive way when the blood isn’t too acidic, it seems.  The pain response is quicker and you may simply feel a slightly annoying twinge of pain, rather than a full on, throbbing headache.


Reduced Anxiety Levels


Our bodies tend to tell us when we’re doing too much or when we’re stressing needlessly – too bad we don’t always listen.  If you’ve been feeling too anxious, you might find that the introduction of the pH Diet actually helps to reduce the feelings of anxiety you experience.


Because your mind is facing new challenges and stressors, your body needs to be balanced in order to help support the nervous system.  But if the body is challenged with restoring the balance of the pH levels in the blood stream, it seems that those resources are diverted, leaving you feeling anxious and nervous more often.


The body can actually help you with feelings of anxiety, but it needs to be healthy to do so.  By regulating one’s pH, the nervous system will be able to respond in a more balanced way to the stressors in your life – and you will be able to calm down and deal with problems instead of being anxious.


Less Risk of Cysts and Growths


You should think of the body as a series of cycles.  When one thing happens, something else happens, etc.  But when these cycles are interrupted, the usual results can be avoided.  Some research is showing that the introduction of the pH Diet is able to help stop the growth of cysts and other benign growths (and possibly malignant ones as well).  Studies have shown that people who have a more acidic diet do tend to have more problems with the calcification of tissues in their body which may be harmless, but they can cause troubles if they continue to grow in the body.


Multiple cysts can begin to cause pain in the body, for example, which will affect a person’s quality of life.  Or these cysts may need to be removed as they are interrupting other basic body functions.  Constant operations aren’t supportive to the body, obviously, so avoiding them whenever possible should be the goal.


With the correct pH balance in the body, calcification can be slowed or prevented as wastes will be easily excreted and removed.


Lower Risk of Diseases


As you have probably already guessed, those who incorporate a pH balanced diet into their lives also seem to have a lower risk of disease:


  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Etc.


When the body is able to function properly, there seems to be no end to how it can repair itself and rejuvenate itself.  Instead of tasking the body with restoring balance all the time, the body can regulate itself, correcting issues with disease as they are in their initial stages.


Instead of looking to the body to fix itself when things are really bad, a pH Diet seems to be able to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and to reduce their impact even if they do occur.


The body can repair itself when given the nutrition and the energy it needs.  By removing the buildup of acid wastes in the body, it makes sense that the body could do its job all the more efficiently.


The benefits of the pH Diet are many, so it’s really no surprise more people are testing out this program to see what it has to offer them.