5 tips creating clickbank products5 Tips creating clickbank products

Before you invest your time in creating digital products for Clickbank.com, keep these five tips in mind. They will help you to improve the results you have.

1. Create something you are an expert in. There is very little benefit to investing in knowledge found elsewhere on the Internet free. Consumers know this, as do affiliate marketers. If you are an expert guitar player, create a book on it. If you do not have experience playing the drums, do not try to produce a digital product for that topic. Go with what you know.

2. Check the competition on Clickbank.com before you create the product. Nothing is more frustrating than creating a digital product for the marketplace only to find out that there are six other guides that are on your topic. Luckily, you can easily browse through the list of products on the site, using the search tools provided to learn what your competition is.

3. Look for a new spin. If you are writing a book on playing the guitar, do not just do a how to guide like this. It will not attract the attention it needs to. Rather, look for a unique way to present the information or offer something that is complete unique. For example, you may want to write a guide such as “How to Play the Guitar Like Jimmy Hendrix.” This instantly makes the book more appealing if much of the information in the book is the same.

4. If you cannot write, find an expert. This works two ways. If you know a topic you want to cover that is unique but you do not have the information you need, hire an expert to write the guide for you. On the other hand, if you have the information but not the skill to produce a quality book, hire a professional to write the book for you.

5. Include up to date information and tools not found in other areas. Statistics, research, government organization information and things like charts and graphs help to bring points out. Provide visual stimulation to the reader whenever it is possible to do so.
Once you create a product that will provide quality information to the reader, you are ready to get it up on the website.


Believe it or not, Clickbank.com does have some say in the types of products that it will allow creators to sell on their website. The company is not too restrictive on the products it allows on the site, but it does have some limitations, mainly as a way of protecting readers.

The following are some of the topics and product types you cannot offer on Clickbank.com.
 You cannot sell anything that is illegal on the site.
 You cannot tell people how to steal information or services.
 You cannot teach people how to cheat the government or other organizations.
 Any product you do not take full responsibility for the information within cannot be placed on Clickbank.com. For example, if you create a product that forms some type of guarantee, and the product does not work, you are head responsible for it. Clickbank.com will not allow products to be sold unless you can prove that the method or information works.
 You cannot sell any product related to gambling.
 You cannot sell any product that offers explicit sexual content in it.
 You cannot sell any product related to drugs or alcohol on the site.
 You cannot sell any product that depicts violence or encourages violence
 The product cannot be spyware.
 It cannot be any type of product that is a spending account, digital cash or money transfer
Any product that offers this type of information will be banned from the site. Clickbank.com requires this because the company can be held liable for the product.


In addition to these prohibited products on Clickbank.com, there are some requirements for any product on the site.

Below are some basic guidelines, but be sure to check the company’s full list of requirements when creating your digital product.

 All products must be original. You must be able to ensure that the appropriate licensing is available and that the content does not, in any way infringe on someone else’s rights.
 The product must be in a digital format. You can, however, send supplemental or additional resources to the customer through the mail. The initial product must be made through the digital format, though.
 The product must be delivered within 24 hours. However, it is considered more acceptable for the product to be delivered immediately upon the purchase of it.

Now that you have a rundown of what products are allowed and what is required of you, you can create an effective product to market on Clickbank.com.
Keep in mind that you can be anyone, with any type of background to do well in this medium. You do not have to be an expert Internet marketer. You do not need any experience with selling products on the web, in fact.

What you do need to do is to create a product that will solve a problem of the consumer or offer them the information they are searching for. That will make the most difference in the overall success you have