10 Day Detox Diet

Preparation for 10 Day Detox Diet

If you are a caffeine junkie or like too many salty foods or too many glasses of wine of an evening, then you should have spent a week or so in preparation for this 10 day detox diet process. But if you live a relatively healthy lifestyle, then you can just jump straight in.
As you are going through each day, then it may be helpful to consult the sections on supplements as well as alternative therapies that may help ease the process of detoxification. So if you have a day where you are finding things a bit tough, then flick through to the sections on supplements and then alternative therapies, just to equip yourself with all the weapons you need to beat those toxins out of your body: for good!
There are some things that you are going to have to live without for 10 days. They will not assist the detox process and may simply work against it. So they cannot be taken: even in moderation.

These are:
 Coffee, tea, alcohol and all drinks except water, fruit juice and herbal teas
 Salt
 Processed foods
 Sugar, even hidden sugars in food. Sweeteners are also not allowed.
 Sweets, cakes, biscuits

The following foods also cannot be eaten in the first few days:
 Fish
 Meat
 White rice
But the good news is that there is plenty that you can eat. But often it is best to go through your store cupboards and have a look at what you have in and lock away all the bad things. It is really easy to have a weak moment and you are looking in the store cupboard for something when you see a chocolate biscuit and then you think that one biscuit won’t hurt, after all you have been so good for so long.

And before you know it you have eaten the biscuit and then a little voice pops into your head and says that since you have broken out from the detox process and you may as well just give it up now and have a big plate of fries and a burger.

So don’t let that little voice win. Go through all your cupboards and lock everything that is forbidden out of sight.
If other people in your household aren’t participating in the 10 Day Detox Diet process, then make sure that they can still have access to all their ‘normal’ foods, but ask them to store them away carefully.
Remember that you are doing this for you and those who are around you and love you need to give you lots of love and support. Ideally, everyone in the house should detox at the same time, but in the real world we know that isn’t always possible, particularly if you have kids or your partner is facing a real busy time at work.

So be realistic and if you have to do it on your own, then simply embrace the opportunity to do something really good for yourself. Look on it as cherishing yourself: not ‘doing without’. If you adopt a martyr position, then it is more likely that temptation will get the better of you. In other words: think, act and be positive about the process!
In the recipes for the meals that you will have during your 10 Day Detox Diet process, you will find that the ingredients are flexible. This is not a calorie counting diet and you will find that since you are not having a lot of carbohydrates in the first few days, you may feel hungry.

So if this means that you want to cook a huge plate of cauliflower or broccoli, then by all means go ahead. Do not feel that you have to starve yourself: if you do then it is harder to stick to the program.
You will also find that the recipes are very flexible and that it is often specified that you should cook an item according to taste. Well that is simply so that you can be more in control, so that if you like your salmon cooked until it is extremely soft, then by all means cook it this way, but if you like it cooked so that it is only very lightly cooked, then again, feel free to enjoy it like this.
Some detox programs are very rigid and say that you need to steam salmon for 15 minutes and your vegetables for no mare than 5 and so on. But the difficulty with these is that they get too focused on everything being absolutely inflexible and so the whole process can feel too restrictive.

Yes your body may be able to get more omega oils from salmon if it is very lightly cooked and yes the minerals it contains may be easier to access if the salmon is not overcooked.

But can you keep up an extremely strict and restrictive regimen for 10 Day Detox Diet. Or do you think it is more likely that you will keep it up for two days, then get upset because your vegetables steamed for 6 minutes (but hey, they tasted great) and then be more likely just to abandon the whole project and feel like some kind of failure?

Whereas, if you have a regimen that allows you just a little more flexibility, then aren’t you more likely to stick with it?
You may also find that you simply do not like some of the items that are listed. For example, some people do not like sunflower seeds, which are a really good source of vitamins and minerals and are reputed to have a calming effect on the body, thus acting as a way of ensuring that you stick to the program.

But if you do not like them, it can be hard to stick with the process. The best advice is to just try to eat them, but if this becomes impossible, then try something like sesame seeds, or pine kernels or nuts.


You are about to embark on a detox program to rid your body of toxins, so as far as possible, always, but always, choose organic produce that has been carefully grown and nurtured without using pesticides or any nasty chemicals.

Otherwise, you are simply putting more toxins back in your body. Initially you may find this awkward, due to the expense involved, but you will be cutting down on expensive items such as meat and fish, so you will find that the shopping bill is not much higher than normal.
This is too important to mess up just for the sake of fruit or vegetables that may cost a couple of dollars more than standard produce. After all, aren’t you worth just that little bit extra?
Before you start on the detox, make sure that you have lots of vegetables in and that during your detox you are able to source, fresh and organic vegetables with ease. Do not leave it until day 1 and then find that you have to spend most of the day trying to find vegetables and fruit that are pure enough for you to eat on your 10 Day Detox Diet.

Buy in some organic honey as well as some extra virgin olive oil (the purer the better).
If you do not eat meat or fish, then some of the recipes will not be suitable for you. But it is possible to simply substitute beans, barley, lentils, chickpeas or another source of your usual protein, whenever meat or chicken is specified.

There are a few fish dishes and one or two with chicken, so the main bulk of the program is actually pretty meat free, so don’t be afraid, it can be undertaken by vegetarians as well as meat lovers. Vegans may find that it is not suitable due to the fact that honey, mustard and other non-vegan ingredients are used.